About me

In the year 2002 I rediscovered my hobby of collecting stamps . When I was a child I have already collected stamps. I remember, that there were some stamps which I wanted to have, but could not afford to buy them.

One of these stamps was the famous stamp with Hitler's skull.

I took my old Michel catalogue (spezialized) and searched for this stamp, which I had seen, when I was 7 years old. After a lot of searching I found the stamp in the category of "War- and Propaganda-Forgeries". I read on and noticed that this is a small field of collectors interest but it seems to me a very interesting one. I tried to get the stamps on the market but noticed very fast that it isnīt easy to get them, because of numerous forgeries of the war- and propaganda stamps which are available. This stimulated me in the course of time and I started to investigate this topic more intensely. In parallel there were different contacts on this topic which encouraged me to occupy myself with this subject.

I want to thank all people, who helped me with advice and action respectively also advise me today. Without the help of these people I wouldnīt have gone as deep in this subject as I'm today.

I have designed and created the website only for philatelic purposes and therefore the website shall give the collectors help to get some knowledge about the topic and to protect from forgeries of the forgeries. To have actual information based on the website of philatelic cognitions I would appreciate to get further information. Also in case of errors or any other vacancies I would be grateful to get some help.

I want to dissociate clearly from any national socialist idea, this page is only for philatelistic purposes!

Thanks a lot!

Juergen Daschner